Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TOUCH1 Newsletter: 2007 Farm Bill, "Ole’ McDonald Had A Farm"

Ole’ McDonald had a farm ei, ei oh, would politics matter if I was hungry? Would it matter to me that Ole’ McDonald’s farm was considered big farm interest? Would I ponder in the mist of my hunger and starvation about global warming or renewable energy resources? Would the echoes of my children crying of hunger pains, be silenced by a simple act of legislation? We @ TOUCH1 stand humbly in the ultimate demonstration of love realizing that people are needlessly suffering of hunger. So we of this American Experience commit in unity to take the necessary measures to ensure that there will be a place for future generations to grow, learn and develop with more than adequate food, housing, and hope. We extend ourselves to personally ring the alarm on hunger WE STAND together denying access to fear, raising our hands in humble solidarity by committing to TOUCH1 and CHANGE THE WORLD, simply by being the change we long to see.
The answers to the questions stated above, could easily derive dual answers, but the answer that matters is, will the world’s hungry be feed by big farm interest or the small farm interest. The USDA 2007 Farm Bill has been a major topic of discussion in the eyes of the world, mainly because our Congress of these United States of America has a major chance to stand as true humanitarians. A couple of weeks ago now, the House Agricultural Committee actually heard America’s cry for true reform and reacted by proposing the first stage in positively reforming the 2007 Farm Bill, by placing a cap on monies given to big farm interest. If you did not know the majority of subsidies are awarded to big farm interest, which enables them to price their agriculture product below normal market value, which further places weights of worry on the backs of small farmers, simply creating a market in which small farmers can not compete.
We @ TOUCH1 ask that you would accept a needed mission of contacting your Congress member immediately, either it be by email, phone call, fax, or simply a written letter asking them to support true reform in America’s farm community by voting “YES” for the Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment. We also ask that in your sacrifice of time and unity that the closing remark of your communication be, “Congress can TOUCH1…Change the World”.

Thank you in advance for your Service,
Simeon Queen, Hunger Blogger and Humanitarian